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AoD - Rhea the Earth Keyblader by MochaMacha AoD - Rhea the Earth Keyblader by MochaMacha
My entry for the Earth Keyblader thing at :iconalliance-of-dusk:

Don't ask about the karaoke hits. I remember every other day about my life drawing professor's karaoke hits... I keep wondering whether I should scout out the place he and some other teachers karaoke but nah... no I won't. That'll be creepy.

:bulletblack:Name: Rhea Rosetta Monteforza
:bulletwhite:Title: Juggernaut
:bulletblack:Age: 21
:bulletwhite:Gender: Female
:bulletblack:Race: Demi-god (she’s still mortal)
:bulletwhite:Height: 5’6”
:bulletblack:Homeworld: The Lost Hero/Percy Jackson and the Olympians Universe
:bulletwhite:Element: Earth
:bulletblack:Description of Weapon: Sagitthunder—Her starter’s keyblade, whose keychain eventually allows her to make her ultimate—Terran Judgement. Keychain is the astronomical symbol for Jupiter. The keyblade is in the shape of Sagittarius' symbol... somewhat.

Her simple spells run from poison (Bio), earth (Stone), lightning (Thunder) and gravity (Gravira) all are which relative to the Earth element. Her next attacks and limit breaks they are COMBINED.

She is not that fast, but she makes up for it in strength, magic and resourcefulness.

:bulletwhite:Cybele’s Plague—an attack that increases chance of poisoning all enemies as well as damaging them. (Reference for the plague believed to be the work by Cybele after the murder of her head priest.)
:bulletwhite:Gravitatis tellurium (Gravity of the earths)—an attack that increases chance of weighing down all enemies, as well as, damaging them.
:bulletwhite:Gigas fulmen Iovis (Giant Thunderbolt of Jupiter)—an attack that increases chance of electrocuting as well as damaging all enemies.
:bulletwhite:Gaian Revenge—an attack that uses Bio and Stone spells to cause great damage in her enemies and to poison the survivors.

:bulletwhite:Limit Break:bulletwhite:
:bulletblack:Petrosa Orbita (Rocky Orbit)—An attack that uses Stone, Thunder and Gravity magic. It allows the user to cause Zero Gravity of the radius around the user. Using the two other spells, the user is then allowed to manipulate rock and lightning. Radius around the user is lengthened, as the user becomes stronger/levels up. It is a gamble, and when not controlled, the user can be attacked by his/her own spells.
:bulletblack:Javelin Throw—An attack in which Rhea is allowed to throw her keyblade at her enemy, encased in spells of Thunder and Gravity.

:bulletorange::bulletgreen::bulletblue: PERSONALITY :bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletorange:
She is extremely temperamental, and takes the name ‘Bitch’ as a compliment and nickname. She is a horror in battle, as she does not care who are or what gets destroyed while she is fighting. (She is, however more careful around Greco-Roman structures, so I guess you can say she’s an ethno centrist?) If you get in her way, she will not care if she hurts you or kills you in the process of going after her enemies. She takes pride in her work; after all she is a veteran in many of the battles that took place at Camp Jupiter and throughout her life as a demi-goddess.

She has a lot of things to learn still. She’s still young after all.

Another factor of her absolute coldness in battle is not just her Roman roots, but also the fact that her father is also a Don.

A strong point of Rhea is that she takes life as it comes, and enjoys every piece of it she could. Because who knows if she’s going to end up dead the next day, hour, minute or second?

She has a tendency to make quick judgment of who is “weak” or “strong” via appearance, and therefore continually protects them. Therefore, she is somewhat overprotective.

She’s intelligent but is not wise in the slightest and often repeats previous mistakes. She hopes to grow from it.

Other than being a bitch on the battlefield and sometimes in person, she is compassionate, caring, and nurturing just like her mother, Cybele, and her grandmother, Gaia/Terra. She also likes to do fun things for simply the nostalgia of her teenage years.

:bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletorange:HISTORY :bulletorange::bulletblue::bulletgreen:

She is a native of Manhattan in the Rick Riordan books Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus, born to the Roman aspect of Rhea, Cybele (who took the allias Raya Stanzione) and Io Zircone Monteforza. Her father, Io is a Don and is often called Don Monteforza. He is in control of a section in Manhattan and has tried to keep his secrets of being a Jupiter demi-god and a mafia boss from his children, especially his only daughter, Rhea. However, it turned out to be a complete failure and he had to send Rhea away to be trained formally at the age of ten.

A satyr or rather, faun, Igor Forrest, guided Rhea to Camp Jupiter where she would be trained formally as a demigod. Igor was one of Rhea’s two only friends outside Camp Jupiter. Their journey to the camp was treacherous and filled with enemies from mythology. Igor Forrest was killed just as they neared the camp. Some of the other demi-gods whom had joined up with Rhea and Igor were killed and in an act revenge Rhea killed the monsters that attacked them.

Similar situations occurred over time, and Rhea began thinking it was all up to her. “If nobody could do it, then it has to be me. I don’t care if anyone stands in my way, I will eliminate them.” She, also, obtained arrogance and her cold philosophies on the battleground, in which cost some if not, all of her teammates their lives. She was eventually left alone an outcast because of the way she thought and acted on the battlefield.

At first, she did not care, but as the few years past and she was selected to be head Counselor of the Cybele Cabin, she wished for companionship. She prayed to the gods for companionship and a way to correct the error of her ways.

And she got it the weirdest way possible. Upon receiving the key blade, her home was attacked and she was sent to other worlds somehow, mainly speaking Radiant Garden. There, she achieved her starting spells from Merlin (through weird jobs because she had not the exact currency) and was taught how to use the keyblade a little before being told by a video message from King Mickey she would have to journey to Yen Sid.

Her journey was far more treacherous than she could ever imagine (even more than the video games since she even played the video games), because there was no hope in going to an After Life. Whoever thought Pluto’s Underworld was a place for comfort? She was very alone, but she managed to become friendly with some of previous Keybladers’ allies. Because of that, she learnt a lot and was therefore seen as a possible audience with the wizard.

There she became known of the true world of Kingdom Hearts, and was given armor that could adequately defend her from the Heartless. However, she was not able to get Yen Sid to formally teach her and was sent on to “further her training and knowledge of the worlds”…

:bulletblack:Family: Io Moira Monteforza—Grandmother
Jupiter—Grandfather (To whom she affectionately calls “Old Lord” and “Pops” )
Juno—Step-Grandmother (To whom she affectionately calls “Old Lady” and “Hag”.)
Io Zircone Monteforzo—Father
Teygete—Aunt/Godmother (Twin sister of Io Zircone)
Cybele—Mother/Grandmother (Momma)
Terra (AKA Gaia)—Grandmother/Great-mother
Saturn—Step-father/Grandfather (Saturn)

:bulletwhite:Preference: Demisexual—Being romantically involved with a person before being sexually attracted to them.
:bulletblack:Likes: Pasta dishes, having authority, strategy, karaoke, protecting people, video games, collecting make-up (especially lipstick), comics, books, trips to the library, training, dessert courses and studying history and foreign language.
:bulletwhite:Dislikes: Asparagus and eggplant, being nagged, authority, not being able to relax, inexperienced fighters, and getting slapped.
:bulletblack:Hobbies: Reading, eating/binging, training, singing, studying, playing video games, collecting make up, resting and traveling.
:bulletwhite:Love: None yet.
:bulletblack:Relationships: None yet.
:bulletwhite:Karaoke Hit: “Raise your Weapon” deadmau5, “Lights” Ellie Goulding, and “Ordinary World” Duran Duran
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